There are a few key factors at a wedding that can make or break the event.  The right music, the right venue and great food!  We understand that food presentation is equally important to food quality!  Whether its a small private affair or a large gathering of friends and family, the Charleston Catering Company will provide an exceptional food service experience that will be the center piece of your special event!

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Private Parties

Private Parties range in size from a small dinner gathering to an extravagant ballroom 40th birthday celebration.  The Charleston Catering Company can accommodate any group size or budget.  We specialize in authentic lowcountry cuisine and personalized menu selections.  We work directly with our clients to ensure every event is a successful one!  The Charleston Catering Company helps to create an overall theme with menu items that compliment each other without straying from the original recipe.

Corporate Events

Corporate Events can be especially complex and are usually plagued with complications due to the size of the groups.  The Charleston Catering Company consistently receives compliments from our corporate clients how smoothly and efficiently our food service is provided.

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